Egypt’s main exports are petroleum, clothing and textiles, cotton, fruits and vegetables, manufactured goods (2010). Egypt’s main export destinations have been Saudi Arabia ($2.42B), Italy ($2.29B), Germany ($1.87B), the United States ($1.65B) and Turkey ($1.42B)

The country’s trade deficit continues to worsen, with an annual $27.7 billion of exports against $76.4 billion in imports. Egypt imports Refined Petroleum ($5.99B), Wheat ($3.08B), Semi-Finished Iron ($2.49B), Cars ($2.48B) and Petroleum Gas ($2.34B).The top import origins are China ($10.5B), the United States ($4.73B), Russia ($3.97B), Germany ($3.93B) and Italy ($3.36B)

Cairo, Alexandria, Helwan and the new industrial cities outside Cairo are modern Egypt’s main industrial areas, producing iron and steel, textiles, refined petroleum, plastics, building materials, electronic products, paper, automobiles and chemicals.

Apart from textiles, most industrial products are made for local consumption.

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