IMF at COP28

Climate change presents a major threat to long-term growth and prosperity, and it has a direct impact on the economic wellbeing of all countries. The IMF has a role to play in helping its members address those aspects of the climate challenge for which fiscal and macroeconomic policies are an important component of the appropriate response, including how best to capture the opportunities of low-carbon, resilient growth.

With its global membership and a focus on macroeconomic growth and financial stability, the IMF is uniquely positioned to analyze the national, regional and global response to climate change and foster cooperation in areas such as climate finance, carbon pricing, data, and technology transfer, among others.

At COP28 we will continue our dialogue on economic and financial sector policies that can help our members and the wider international community reach shared climate goals: particularly how to reduce emissions, increase climate finance, boost resilience, and ease the transition to low-carbon economies. This year the IMF is sharing a pavilion at COP28 with the World Bank Group and the Financial Times to create opportunities for dialogue and knowledge sharing.

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